What are the 3 things that so called “eBay dropshipping gurus” don’t want you to know?


Lior will put all the cards on the table and will show exactly what people are trying to hide from you.


4 criterias eBay’s algorithm like, and how to get it to be more promoted?


There are 4 main criteria you need to follow to be promoted more, Lior will show the exact things and how to improve it to get promoted more

Webinar on
15 May at 15:00 EST

CEO and founder of AutoDS

Lior Pozin

A platform that manages over 3,000 customers and over a million active products, with 12 years of experience in software development, 10 years experience in e-commerce.


My vision is to lead you to earn automatically to the extent possible, and enable you to run your business with you intervening as little as possible as well as spend fewer hours before your screen, to the extent possible.

My vision is to lead you to automatically make profits, and enable you to run your business with you intervening as little as possible as well as spending fewer hours before your screen. After ONE YEAR of research - I decided to reveal to all the most effective and profitable strategy of eBay dropshipping in 2019.


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One hour After that we can continue as much as you want for Q&A with AutoDS users who are already using these strategies and succeed.

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15th May 2019
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Dropshippers who want to take advantage over their competitors and learn the most profitable strategies of eBay dropshipping in 2019


Flagged account - Dropshippers who had a huge drop in sales in 2018 and want to make the business profitable again

Dropshippers who want to increase their sales by 312% on average.

Sellers who take their dropshipping business seriously and want to adapt to the new game terms

Who is this Webinar intended for?

Why sign up for this webinar?

eBay dropshipping had changed in April 2018.

Sellers who didn’t adapt to the new strategies and new game rules ended up with no profit.

In the webinar, we will show you the most profitable strategy of eBay dropshipping in 2019.


By the end of the webinar, you will have a detailed step by step working plan for eBay dropshipping 2019

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The secrets have been revealed: Powerful Webinar that will expose the secret strategies of eBay dropshipping in 2019 which helped sellers increase their profits by 312% in a month.



On April 18, eBay made changes to their policies, and this caused sales to drop. After a LONG RESEARCH, we have found the most profitable strategy of eBay dropshipping for 2019.
This strategy has been tested and proven effective on hundreds of dropshipping stores.




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My eBay account is flagged, will this strategy help me?

Yes, this is the amazing thing with this strategy, it doesn’t matter if your account is flagged or not, we will show how you can still be profitable


There are some “gurus” who said eBay dropshipping is dead, is this right?

We’ve been hearing it for the past 5 years. It will always be dead for you if you don’t adapt to the market and don’t learn the new strategies. We will be there to show you the most profitable strategy of them all.


What is the price of the Webinar?

The Webinar is 100% Free, just come, enjoy and learn


Will you sell any courses during the webinar?

No! We will not sell any courses there.


I am still not an AutoDS user, will this Webinar help me?

Of course! The webinar is focusing on the general steps you must take in your Dropshipping business. Some of them may be available in your current tool as well.


Will I get the video recording afterward?

Yes, only people who registered to the Webinar will have access to the recording.


Will there be any Q&A?


We will have a Q&A session with Lior and another 3 professional dropshippers, two of them are mentors in the AutoDS’ mentorship group and one of them is a 16 years old super successful dropshipper. That's why I suggest you to watch it live, this part is sometimes the most important and interesting part of all.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Access to the group of the success team, in the group we will share everything about the new strategy, and we have there 3 of our professional dropshippers (2 mentors in AutoDS, and one dropshipper who increased his sales by over 600%) that will answer all of your questions

We keep your information confidential

The secrets of dropshipping to eBay in 2019 will be revealed on 15.05, here are the topics of the webinar:


AutoDS members who want to learn about all the newest features and increase their knowledge about the system


Non AutoDS members who want to learn about the AutoDS system and how it can save them hours of hard work

Where is the money?


We will show you exactly how to calculate your profits when you use the new strategy.


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Why the old dropshipping strategies became irrelevant

(the truth revealed)?


We will talk and understand exactly why the old strategies don’t work anymore


Detailed step by step working plan


Lior will show you step by step, exactly what you need to succeed in dropshipping these days


eBay flagged accounts, what is it, and how to work with it?


We will talk about eBay flagged accounts, and understand if eBay dropshipping can be still profitable even with flagged accounts


Everyone who wants to learn how to save hours of hard work in front of a screen doing market research, finding hot products and optimizing them

Dropshippers who want to get a STEP BY STEP explanation of how to increase their profits dramatically

Why do you lose money?


We will show you the exact math behind the numbers, and how can you improve it to dramatically increase your profits

Zvika Szafran

Zvika Szafran is one of the most successful eBay UK dropshippers, the owner of one of the most active eBay UK Whatsapp dropshipping groups, was a lecturer in the latest AutoDS’ conference, and a mentor at AutoDS.

Zvika is working with the newest dropshipping strategies and will be there to answer any of your questions.

Ron Rozenblum

Ron Rozenblum is a 16 years old dropshipper, who has been through an amazing way, from blocked stores, canceled orders, and stores with very poor performance, to 600% sales increase in one month after he joined the mentorship program with the mentor - Clayton.


Currently, Ron is growing all his dropshipping business using the strategy which we will teach in the webinar, and he will be there to answer any of your questions.


How do I know that this is the most profitable strategy?

Because we have over 7K eBay stores connected to AutoDS, and we checked what’s common to all of the most profitable stores. We found one common pattern to them all!


People who want to get access to Lior’s (the CEO of AutoDS) resources and get an edge over other dropshippers

What is the mindset you need to have to succeed in dropshipping in 2019, and how to acheive it?


As a business person, you need to change your mindset to succeed in 2019, with any online business. In the webinar, Lior will explain exactly what is the needed mindset.


Q&A with Lior and another 3 professional dropshippers

(2 mentors and one 16 years old dropshipper)


We will not leave the room until all your questions are covered. We really suggest you watch the live event so that you will be able to ask all your questions live.


Special Q&A pannel - with professional dropshippers

Clayton Lee Blackshear

Clayton Lee Blackshear is a full-time professional dropshipper, with more than 7 stores and 100K products managed on AutoDS.
Clayton is a mentor at AutoDS’ mentorship program, and he taught over 100 successful dropshippers the newest strategies of dropshipping for 2019. Clayton will be there to answer any of your questions about the mentorship group and the newest strategies.


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Access to live full Webinar + recordings

  • Access to all of the resources needed to succeed in eBay dropshipping 2019